What is a combi drill ?

31st Oct 2022

What is a combi drill ?

What Is A Combi Drill?

A combi drill is a hybrid version of two popular drills that can handle as many different drilling tasks as possible. It's like getting the best features of both a hammer drill and an impact drill in one convenient package.

You may wonder why you would want to buy new types of drills instead of sticking with the old ones that work just fine. But this new type of drill is built for the modern world. That's because the kinds of projects people tackle at home are changing.

In fact, there are fewer extensive huge renovations with open walls going on at the moment, while the focus is on more smaller, confined spaces where you need to be drilling in tight corners or underneath cabinets.

You know what we mean if you have ever tried to drill through the tile from below!

Combi drills solve both problems at once: They have a compact size and low weight for accessing small spaces and high torque for drilling through materials like concrete, brick, stone, and metal lath without struggling.

What Are The Differences Between A Hammer Drill, An Impact Drill, And A Combi Drill?

Hammer Drill

A hammer drill has a rotating drill bit and also a rotary hammer that pounds a chisel into the material. It's designed to handle loads that would wipe out an ordinary drill, specifically harder materials like:

  • Concrete
  • Rocks
  • Steel
  • Brick.

These are tasks that a regular drill just can't handle.

Impact Drill

An impact drill is a tool that uses a spinning rotary head to drive screws through hard materials such as masonry, concrete, or stone.

In contrast to a hand screwdriver, an impact drill uses a hammering action to drive screws in much less time. They are great for installing decking boards and floorboards.

The rotary head transmits the energy of the hammering action to the bit, resulting in a more efficient transfer of energy than manual screwdrivers.

Impact drills are generally heavier than regular drills and require more effort to operate. However, they allow you to drive screws faster and more efficiently.

A regular electric drill has a rotating bit and is designed for driving screws, standard drilling, and light demolition work. It's not powerful enough to get through much more than wood.

Combi Drill

Combi drills are an excellent combination of a drill and a screwdriver, which are usually found in one tool. This makes it extremely easy to use the tool for a variety of different applications.

These types of drills can be used for general purposes as well as specialised applications such as installing fixtures and cabinets. A combi drill is designed to tackle any drilling project you might have.

This tool offers adjustable speeds and powerful torque, perfect for drilling through materials and driving screws into the material. The combi drill combines the best features of both tools into one unit, so you don't have to deal with switching between a drill and a screwdriver.

This makes this tool extremely convenient to use and gives you the desired results.

So, for example, with a combi drill, you would select hammer drill mode if you are drilling through concrete. If you are driving screws, you would select hammer drill mode.

Why You May Need A Combination Drill

You may need a combi drill if you're working on a project that involves drilling through all types of materials.

For example, a concrete foundation wall is usually covered with wood lath that must be removed. Suppose your foundation is on your property line. In that case, the drilling contractor will want to go through both the foundation and the outside wall where the lath is located so that the jackhammer can be used to break up the concrete.

There's enough vibration with a regular drill that you can't get accurate measurements. More importantly, it's not powerful enough to cut through the lath.

A combi drill will have the power to take out the lath and a hammer action that won't produce enough vibration to affect measurements.

You may also need a combi drill in these scenarios:

  • You need to drill through different materials.
  • You need to drill different sizes of holes.
  • You need to drill at different angles.
  • You need to be able to switch between drilling and driving screws.

How Does a Combi Drill Work?

A combi drill has a selector on the side that lets you choose between hammer drill and impact drill mode. Some models have specific settings for materials like masonry, concrete, or stone.

A regular drill has only one speed for both hammering and driving modes. But a combi drill has two separate motors: One for hammering and one for driving. They operate at different speeds.

The hammering motor is designed to transfer impact energy to the material being drilled. The driving motor is designed to deliver constant rotational energy to the tool.

A combi drill has a third motor that's designed to spin the chuck and a fourth motor that spins the belt and pulley.

What To Look For When Buying A Combi Drill

A combi drill can cost anywhere from the hundreds to the thousands. The most expensive models are designed for more industrial use and feature a variety of unique settings.

The best combi drill for your needs will have the following:

-High torque for gripping the material, so it doesn't spin

-High power for the motor, a sturdy drill bit

- Long cord/Wireless, depending on your preference and tasks

-The chuck should have a wide range so you can use different-sized drill bits.

-You'll need a variable speed control trigger so you can adjust the speed to match the material you are drilling.

-The drill should have an LED light so you can make sure you are drilling in the right place.

When you are shopping for a combi drill, you need to know what materials you will be drilling through. The higher the torque for the motor, the more powerful the drill will be.

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How Can A Combi Drill Be Powered

'Combi drill,' or 'combination drill,' is a portable power tool that can drill and cut through a wide variety of materials. They are commonly used in construction and remodelling applications.

The combi drill can be powered by electricity from an outlet or a rechargeable battery pack, meaning it comes with its own compatible batteries and chargers.

They are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, even when connected to long cords or power tools.

They are generally available in 14-24 volt and 36-48 volt versions. The voltage indicates the total power output delivered to the tool.

The higher the overall voltage, the more powerful the device will be.

Combi drills are paired with auxiliary tools, such as impact wrenches, grinders, and sanders, to complete jobs efficiently.

Final Words: Is A Combination Drill Right For You?

Combi drills are the perfect tool to have on hand for all kinds of jobs around the house, whether it is mains powered or needs its own batteries and chargers.

A combination drill can provide all of the benefits of both a power drill and a hand drill. It can be used for drilling holes in a variety of different materials, including different thicknesses of wood, metal, and plastics.

A combination drill can be used for both small and large household projects, and it is a really versatile tool that can be used for so many different tasks.

They're best for projects that involve drilling through a variety of different materials because you can quickly adjust the mode from the side of the drill.

Combi drills are best for projects that involve drilling through a variety of different materials because you can quickly adjust the mode from the side of the drill.

And because the motor is so powerful, you won't need to worry about overheating or running out of power halfway through your project.

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