Proper spill control is essential to keep your worksite, industrial plant, or even factory running safely and smoothly, no matter what industry you’re in. A quick response to spills in many cases means minimising any damage or danger. When it comes to spill kits, only one brand is the biggest and the best. 

Fentex is the largest manufacturer of spill kits in the UK, with a host of quick deploying Fentex spill kits in varying sizes. Constantly evolving and developing new and improved ways to deal with problematic spills, these kits are an essential part of any industrial environment. Our 50 Litre Oil and Fuel Fentex Spill Kit is specially developed to absorb oils, fuels, and solvents, to protect drains and leave walkways clear.

We are constantly updating our products with new tools and equipment so be sure to check back for newer products and take a look at our other brands here.


  • 50L Oil and Fuel Spill Kit


    50L Oil and Fuel Spill Kit

    50L Oil and Fuel Spill Kit 50 Litre oil & fuel Spill Kit in hi-viz shoulder bag with zip closure. For quick response to spills of oils, fuels and solvents. Contains absorbent socks to contain spills and protect drains and absorbent pads to soak up...

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