Defender have been a pioneer of LED light for the last nineteen years, and are a leading brand in worksite lighting all over the world, represented in over twenty different countries. Defender’s products are a firm favourite in the construction and retail industries for lighting solutions. The Defender brand have been striving to develop sustainable solutions in lighting, and have been changing the game since they entered the UK market in 2009!

Whether it’s lighting a whole room (or even your whole worksite!) installing plumbing, tinkering with an engine or just trying to navigate tricky spaces, defender lights are a go-to product for professionals all over the world. Here at AHC Powertools, we have a range of the very best Defender has to offer, so you can light your way, no matter how late the day runs.

Our Defender LED lights are designed to be robust and reliable that can withstand being regularly used in a variety of environments, and built for safety. Defender lights are well known for being incredibly durable and need fewer repairs. However, they’re even designed for those few repairs to be a speedy process! With easy access, servicing Defender lights are a quick job.

Defender pride themselves on delivering incredible quality with every one of their products, So it’s no surprise that their products are designed with real world conditions in mind. The knocks and bumps that are common on site are no match for these tough LED lights! So if you need unbeatable quality lighting for your project, take a look at our Defender power and light range.

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