Stanley Tape Measures


Ever since they made history with the first-ever steel tape rule way back in 1931, Stanley Tape Measures have been a staple of every professional tradesperson kit. With incredible durability and reliable functionality with every single use, every one of these tape measures is designed to last on busy job sites, garages, workshops, or even just in the kitchen drawer.

 One of the most trusted ranges available on the market, every professional agrees you can’t go wrong with a FatMax tape measure! These rules feature seriously sturdy cases for impact protection as well as the patented Tru-Zero end hooks and extreme stand out capability. The coiled steel blade of the rule itself is made from top-quality steel and coated with Stanley’s Mylar coating, which prolongs the life of the blade to up to ten times that of other tape measures.

 Our range includes many sizes for use in any project, including the:

 For the professional on-site, the FatMax Pro Pocket tapes are compact enough to carry easily in your pocket while you work, so you’re always ready to go. These steel measures are constructed with the same level of dedication to durability as the rest of the FatMax range, so you can count on a long life tape through many applications to come. 

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