When it comes to answering the question “what is the best hoover?” worksites and businesses all over the world will tell you that Numatic provides the best cleaning solutions around. Home to the ever so familiar face of the Henry Hoover, it’s an understatement to say you won’t have to look far to find a Numatic product keeping industries clean. 

No matter if it’s a hotel, restaurant, cafe, or even a public transport company Numatic have been providing some of the best hoover and carpet cleaning products on the market. Every industry knows how important it is to keep your space clean and sanitary, to keep your customers safe and content, as well as staff. 

Numatic has been taking care of cleaning needs for over fifty years, with their headquarters right here in the UK. Founded in 1969 by Chris Duncan, the company soon started creating brilliantly inventive cleaning products, including the iconic Numatic hoover. Since his introduction in 1981, the Numatic Henry hoover has been a mainstay for cleaning and is a familiar face for many industries. Easily distinguishable with a friendly face and bright colour, this hoover is a must-have for effective cleaning with some extra personality! 

We offer not only the iconic Numatic hoover, ideal for daily use in any business or industry, we even have Numatic accessories that includes handy Henry hoover bags for easy cleanup and use. We’re always adding new products to our collection, so be sure to check back for all of our newest Numatic additions.

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