Is The New Flexvolt 54V Battery Really Worth It?

Posted by Kylie Moles | MJS Digital on 8th Sep 2020

Is The New Flexvolt 54V Battery Really Worth It?

It is no secret that when it comes to using cordless power tools the life and power of your battery plays an important part in how well your tool performs. The Dewalt XR Flexvolt 54V battery has made high powered heavy-duty construction applications cordless for the first time ever. Giving professional tradesmen the freedom to work cable-less without compromising on power and runtime.

But even though the new XR Flexbolt 54V has revolutionised cordless power tools, how does the battery perform during long jobs and will the charging process be efficient enough to make projects run smoothly? Thankfully DeWalt are well ahead of the game and have introduced a new Battery Charger unlike any seen before.

Introducing the new DeWalt DCB104 18v 54v Flexvolt XR Battery Charger

The new DeWalt DCB104 18V, 54V Flexvolt Four-port XR Battery Charger is the must-have companion for all DeWalt tool users. Not only does it allow you to charge up to 4 batteries at once, but it also charges the entire DeWalt lithium-ion battery range from 10.8v – 18v as well as the new FlexVolt 54 Volt batteries. Making it a universal DeWalt battery charger.

But what about charge time? One of the many bugbears of cordless tools is the sometimes long charge times that can compromise workflow and put important jobs on hold. The new DCB104 Battery charger is one of the fastest with it charging 4 Dewalt 54v 9.0ah batteries in only 75 mins! For a full list of charging times see below under specifications or head to our DeWalt DCB104 18V, 54V Flexvolt Four-port XR Battery Charger product page.

Portability and Security

Just in case the 4 port charging system, fast charging times and vast battery compatibility weren't enough to impress. The battery charger is also DeWalt ToughSystem compatible, fitting securely on top of your ToughSystem toolboxes as well as having the available to be wall-mounted for easy storage and space-saving.

The DCB104 Battery Charger can also be fitted with a Dewalt Tool Connect Bluetooth Tag which allows you to track any job site asset and connect it to the Tool Management Asset Management Mobile app. Once connected you can track where your tools or equipment were last used, allocate your asset to others, set return dates and alerts and receive notifications when your asset leaves a 30m radius. For more information on Tool Connect visit the DeWalt website.

Product Specification:

  • Ports: 4
  • Voltage: 18V
  • Battery chemistry: XR Li-Ion
  • Charging current: 8.0 A

Battery Charging Time specifications:

  • DCB181 1.5ah Battery Charge Time: 22 mins
  • DCB183 2.0ah Battery Charge Time: 30 mins
  • DCB182 4.0ah Battery Charge Time: 40 mins
  • DCB187 3.0ah Battery Charge Time: 45 mins
  • DCB184 5.0ah Battery Charge Time: 50 mins
  • DCB189 4.0ah Battery Charge Time: 60 mins
  • DCB546 6.0ah Battery Charge Time: 60 mins
  • DCB547 9.0ah Battery Charge Time: 75 mins
  • DCB546 12.0ah Battery Charge Time: 100 mins

  • So if you are on the fence about investing in the new XR Flexvolt range then we urge you to reconsider. Not only has the Flexvolt 54V battery power been proven to perform just as well as corded versions, it's cordless feature not only provides convenience and comfort, but it also helps to keep your job site hazard free without compromising on performance.

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