Are staple gun staples universal ?

25th Aug 2022

Are staple gun staples universal ?

Are staple gun staples universal?

There are a number of staple gun models available on the market, such as the dewalt staple gun, but they all share one thing in common; Each type of staple gun can use universal staples.

The term universal refers to the dimensions of the staple. You may find staples labeled as universal or standard, but these terms refer to the exact measurements.

Staple guns can be used for several applications, such as carpentry and upholstery work.

When choosing a type of staple gun, you must consider what kind of projects you'll be working on and what type of materials you'll use most often.

Here is some information about universal versus non-universal staples for your staple gun.

What are staple gun staples?

Staple gun staples are the metal wires used to fasten pieces of material together.

Staples come in different sizes and thicknesses to suit different types of material and different uses, ranging from light-duty paper fastening to heavy-duty construction applications.

When choosing staple sizes, remember that the length of the staple is only one consideration. The crown's width and the shank's thickness are also important.

The most common measure of staple used with a staple gun is 1/4 inch (6 mm). This staple is long enough for most uses but not so long that it is unwieldy. This staple length is also strong enough for light-duty applications and short enough not to pierce the attached material.

Smaller diameters of staples are used for light materials like paper, cardboard, and fabric.

Heavier materials such as wood and cardboard boxes are often secured with staples that are larger in diameter and have a thicker crown.

Why do staple guns have different staples?

Staple guns use two types of staples: standard staples and non-standard staples.

Standard staples are used with a standard staple gun, while non-standard staples are used with a non-standard staple gun. Staple guns are also called tackers. A tacker is used to fasten two pieces of material together. The tacker used holds the two pieces together temporarily until a more permanent solution can be found or until the materials being joined have sufficient time to set. Staples are the most common fasteners used with a staple gun.

However, other fasteners, such as tacks and pins, are also available with a staple gun. Staples are easy to use and available in various sizes, materials, and lengths. Staples have a sharp, curved end that can be pushed through one piece of material and then bent over to attach itself to the other piece of material.

What is a non-universal staple?

A non-universal staple is a standard staple that is too long for an everyday staple gun.

A non-universal staple is shorter than a standard staple but long enough to be used in non-standard staple guns. The staple length determines which staple gun it can be used in.

Non-standard staple guns can be used with non-standard and standard staples. The staples are longer than the standard staples and shorter than the non-standard staples.

A standard staple gun can only be used with standard staples, which are the correct length for this type of gun.

Are all universal staples the same?

No, they are not.

Universal staples come in two different types: thin-walled and thick-walled. Thin-walled universal staples have thinner walls than thick-walled staples. They are thinner to fit into non-standard guns.

However, They are still capable of securing light to moderate materials, such as paper and cardboard.

Thick-walled staples are thicker and longer than thin-walled staples. They are made for standard staple guns and are capable of securing heavy-duty materials, such as wood and cardboard boxes.

You should know what type of staple you are using and whether your staple gun can use that staple. If the staple is too short or too long for your staple gun, it may not adequately secure the materials you are working with.

How do you know what type of staples you need?

When you buy a new staple gun, it is usually supplied with a box of staples. This is often a great indicator of what length staples are needed for that particular staple gun.

However, different types of staple guns use different lengths of staples. A light-duty staple gun uses shorter staples than a heavy-duty staple gun.

If you don't want to buy a staple gun only to find out later that you need a different type of staple gun, it is better to buy a staple gun with a staple box kit.

This type of kit includes a selection of different staples that can be used in a variety of situations.

Universal staples for most applications

A standard light-duty staple is suitable for most light-duty applications and is the one staple that should always be kept in your staple box.

If you need a staple for a heavier application, you can use a standard heavy-duty staple. When it comes to materials, a standard light-duty staple is suitable for light materials such as paper, cardboard, and fabric. A standard heavy-duty staple is ideal for wood, cardboard boxes, carpet, and upholstery materials.

Advantages of universal staples

Universal staples can be used in all staple guns, so you don't have to worry about whether the staple being used is the correct length for your staple gun.

If you have a staple gun for different applications, the staples for each application have to be kept separate. When you have a staple box with a selection of staples, you don't have to worry about which staples are for which application.

Universal staples come in a variety of sizes and lengths, so you can use the appropriate staple for the job. If you have a staple gun that takes several measures of staples, you can keep one staple box and use the staple that best suits the application.

You can also buy a staple gun that can accept several different lengths of staples. These staple guns are called multi-purpose staple guns.

Staple Gun Tips

- Look for a staple gun that can accept different sizes of staples and select a staple length based on the material you are using. You can use the same staple gun for different materials by changing the length of the staple.

- Keep the staples for each staple gun separate. This not only keeps you organised, but it ensures that the staple used is the appropriate length for the staple gun.

- Always read the instructions that come with the staple gun to find out more about the staples that are suitable for that particular model.


There are many types of staple guns, and they all come with different types of staples. However, the vast majority of staple guns use universal staples that are not specific to one brand or model.

These staples can be used in any staple gun that uses standard-sized staples.

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