Sponsoring Young Riders


We are delighted to support up and coming talent in the Bike World. Our mission is to support these athletes and help them achieve their dreams by providing them with the necessary resources, training, and equipment to reach the top of their game.


We believe that cycling is not just a sport, but a lifestyle that promotes fitness, wellness, and environmental sustainability. By sponsoring young riders, we aim to encourage more people to take up cycling as a means of transportation, exercise, and leisure.


Our sponsored riders are not only skilled cyclists, but also role models in their communities. They embody the values of hard work, dedication, and perseverance, and inspire others to pursue their passions with the same level of commitment.

Barry Macpherson
Managing Director at AHC Tool Group
And keen Mountain Bike Rider




i am a Mountain Bike Freerider and compete in dirt wars around the UK. I’m from Stirling in Scotland and have a massive love for riding bikes and sending huge tricks with my mates while filming to encourage people get on their bikes



Q: What inspired you to mountain biking?

A: I have always loved being outdoors and exploring new places. When I discovered cycling, I realized it was the perfect way to combine my love of adventure with my passion for fitness and its also a great social sport as I have met loads of good friends.


Q: How do you train for races?

A: I try to ride as much as I can and when I am off the bike, I go to the gym to work on my weaker areas.


Q: What challenges have you faced as a young rider?

A: One of the biggest challenges I've faced is balancing my training and competition schedule with my schoolwork and other commitments. It takes a lot of discipline and time management skills to juggle everything, but it's worth it to pursue my passion for cycling.


Q: What advice would you give to other young riders?

A: Take opportunities that come your way, surround yourself with positive influences, like coaches and mentors, who can guide you on your journey. And most importantly, have fun and enjoy the ride!


Q: What are your long-term aspirations as a freerider?

A: Long term my goal is to compete in all freeride events available to me and work on projects that get more people to ride mountain bikes!

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