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DeWalt Compact DCB113 10.8v - 18v Li-Ion XR Battery Charger 10.8v 14.4v 18v

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DCB113 XR Multi-Voltage Charger 10.8-18V Li-ion

  • Charges XR Li-Ion DeWalt 10.8V, 14.4V, 18V Slide Pack Batteries
  • DeWalt 2 Stage Charging System
  • LED Charge Level Indicator Display

If you need a battery charger that has more than one trick up its sleeve, then the DeWalt XR Multi-Voltage Charger is a brilliant bit of kit. Developed by the experts at DeWalt, this charger has plenty of specs that help to quickly get your power tools back in action, so you can keep getting the job done.

You won’t have to worry about what’s going on with this charger, as a handy LED light diagnostic displays exactly what stage your power tool battery charger is on. The display shows battery charge status, from charged, charging, power problem, and even if the battery is too hot or too cold.

With clever technology, this intelligent battery charger has all of the nifty features you can expect from DeWalt. It adapts and varies its charge rate depending on the type of battery pack in use. This not only speeds up the charging process but also extends the life of your battery packs; saving you cash and the hassle of finding replacements in the long run.

With super-speedy charge times ranging from just 30 minutes for 1.3 ah batteries to 120 minutes for larger 5.0 ah batteries, this charger is a brilliant option that boosts your productivity.


  • Battery Type: 10.8 V/ 14.4 V/ 18 V Lithium-Ion
  • Mains Voltage: 230 V
  • Minimum Charge Time 1.3 Ah: 30 Minutes
  • Minimum Charge Time 1.5 Ah: 35 Minutes
  • Minimum Charge Time 2.0 Ah: 50 Minutes
  • Minimum Charge Time 3.0 Ah: 70 Minutes
  • Minimum Charge Time 4.0 Ah: 100 Minutes
  • Minimum Charge Time 4.0 Ah: 120 Minutes
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DeWalt Compact DCB113 10.8v - 18v Li-Ion XR Battery Charger 10.8v 14.4v 18v

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