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If you love working with wood, then a jigsaw is probably your go-to tool. Any carpenter or DIYer will know just how much a jigsaw can come in handy when cutting some wood quickly and efficiently.

However, if you’re new to carpentry or don’t own your own saw, it can be really hard to know which one to choose.

There are so many different types of jigsaws available today that choosing the suitable model for your needs can take time and effort.

They all have different features and specifications, so as well as considering whether you want manual or cordless operation – there are other factors you need to seriously consider before making a purchase.

Types of the corded jigsaw

Before we dive in and look at the details, let’s first understand the main types of jigsaws available today.

Jigsaws come in three main varieties.

  • Rotary jigsaw - Uses a straight-line motion to create a straight and continuous cut. These jigsaws are excellent for cutting curved lines and shapes. Still, they aren’t suitable for straight cuts because they don’t have a rip capacity.
  • Circular saw - A more heavy-duty version of the rotary jigsaw, the circular saw is for cutting anything that you can fit between the blade and the table.
  • Corded jigsaw - The corded jigsaw is the type of saw we’ll focus on here.

The Corded Jigsaw

The corded jigsaw is the most basic type you can buy for straight or curved lines. The saw features a long, coiled electrical cord usually stored inside the tool until you need to unplug it.

While corded jigsaws aren’t as sought after as they once were, you can still find many amazing models today, such as the Dewalt jigsaw and the Bosch corded jigsaw.

What to look for when selecting a corded jigsaw?

If you know essentially what to look out for when buying a corded jigsaw, you can easily find electric jigsaws that tick all the boxes.

Here are a few key elements to keep in your mind:

  • Power - This is the most crucial thing to consider when buying a corded jigsaw. You really don’t want to end up with a model that can’t cut through the materials you’re working with, which can cause frustration and make sawing take longer than needed.
  • Weight - While powerful models are great, you don’t want a saw that weighs a tonne. You need to find the right personal balance between power and weight, so choose a lightweight yet powerful jigsaw for the job you need.
  • Price - As we’ve discussed, corded jigsaws aren’t as popular as they once were. This means the market is flooded with second-hand and older models, which can be sold at a lower price.

While it might be tempting to go for a cheaper saw, you don’t want to end up with a model that isn’t as powerful as you need it to be, so keep this in mind when choosing a price.

While corded jigsaws aren’t as popular as they once used to be, they are still available to purchase today. They come with some drawbacks, which centres mainly around the actual cord, but if you essentially know what to look for when selecting one, you can easily find a model that suits your needs.

. We are partnered with some of the most well-known powertool brands; Makita, DeWalt, Festool, Bosch, Paslode and many others. If you are looking for more than just Corded Jigsaws, we also supply a whole range of Corded and Cordless Power Tools, can't find what you're looking for? Speak to our help team today!

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