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Bosch Expert MultiConstruction CYL-9 Drill Bit 10 x 200 x 250 mm

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Bosch Expert CYL-9 MultiConstruction Drill Bit 8 x 200 x 250 mm

Up to 5x more precise than a standard drill bit - The modern construction site requires working on many different materials, and you never know what you will need to drill next. Finding the right drill bit can be difficult and time-consuming - unless you have the Expert MultiConstruction Drill Bit. This highly versatile drill bit can drill accurately into hard materials such as tile and granite without skidding, thanks to its sharp tip and advanced geometric design. Made from optimised carbide using our fine grinding manufacturing technique, it can also tackle concrete, brick, wood and metal. It can always do a professional job - whatever the material. The Bosch Expert CYL-9 MultiConstruction Cylindrical Drill Bit is the one drill bit that should always be in your toolbox: you'll never get stuck on a job or waste time looking for the right bit. Cylindrical shank compatible with three-jaw drill chucks.


Diameter (D) mm: 8,00

Working length (L1) mm: 200

Total length (L2) mm: 250

Applications: Concrete

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Bosch Expert MultiConstruction CYL-9 Drill Bit 10 x 200 x 250 mm

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