The Top 5 Best-Selling Battery Powered Power Tools

26th Sep 2022

The Top 5 Best-Selling Battery Powered Power Tools

The Top 5 Best-Selling Battery Powered Power Tools

When you're working in a tight space or dealing with particularly dense materials, a conventional power tool may not be the best choice. They can cause kickback and splintering, which can be dangerous in these situations.

Battery-powered power tools offer an alternative way of working without sacrificing any of the torque or capacity you need to get the overall job done.

Anyone who works in carpentry or another trade with wood probably has experience using manual tools like saws and drills to make things that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

However, power tools go above and beyond what manual versions have to offer by providing users with a compact and easy-to-use option that doesn't require a lot of strength or stamina to operate.

Here are the top 5 best-selling battery-powered power tools

Cordless Combi Drill

A great cordless combi drill is a crucial piece of equipment in every tradesperson's toolbox. That is why we at AHC Powertools offer a wide selection of combi drills so you can find the specific one for your needs.

We're here for you if you need to add accessories to your construction site or just want to put up some bookshelves at home.

A cordless drill may look like a conventional one, but the power source is what sets them apart. Instead of being wired to a wall outlet, it runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which means there's no lengthy cord to get in your way or limit the places you can use it.

Most cordless drills have at least a ¼" chuck, which is the bit holder that attaches to the back of the tool. This is where you put drill bits, which are used to make holes in materials like wood, plastic, and masonry.

However, if you need to drive in screws, you'll need a drill/driver.

Cordless Mitre Saw

If you need to cut some really common materials, a cordless mitre saw is one of the best tools for the job.

Our sliding mitre saws are excellent for easily cutting through challenging material, and there are a lot of variations to pick from.

Whether you want a precision mitre saw for delicate jobs or a weighty mitre saw that can withstand continual use, we have what you need. Look for compound attributes that let you tilt the blade for diverse cuts.

Mitre saws are most commonly used to cut wood boards because they can easily cut through even the thickest pieces. They can also be used to cut through other materials like masonry and metal.

Mitre saws have a spinning blade with teeth that extends from one side of the tool. The teeth are located inside a frame that keeps them in place. Some saws also have a safety switch that turns off the device if you accidentally let go of it.

Cordless Nail Gun

A cordless nail gun is a remarkably efficient tool that can save you time and effort while providing high-quality results. This tool contains an engine and ammunition contained in a lightweight housing that allows for easy maneuverability and comfort.

The cordless nail gun is powered by an electric motor, eliminating the need for plug-ins or compressed air tanks. Additionally, this tool is capable of shooting nails up to 14 inches in length with no loss of power or firing rate.

One of the greatest benefits of this tool is its mobility—the lightweight design allows you to move around with ease while working on projects, no matter how tight the spaces may be.

While many nail guns require an external compressor and hose, the cordless nail gun is entirely self-contained and can be used anywhere. This makes it ideal for use both in and outdoors, as well as in tight spaces where larger tools may not fit.

Additionally, the nail gun contains safety features that ensure your protection while using this product. These features include an automatic shut-off when the pressure reaches its maximum limit, temperature monitoring to prevent overheating, and an exhaust filter that protects against debris entering the motor.

Cordless Circular Saw

When working with materials like wood or masonry, you can't just cut through them with a saw blade. You need to use a masonry blade that leaves a surface that's clean and free of splinters.

A circular saw is a cordless tool that's particularly useful when making long cuts. Circular saws have a spinning blade that extends from one side of the tool and is held in place inside a frame. If you use a blade meant for wood, you'll end up with a jagged edge that needs to be sanded down.

Some models have a safety switch that turns off the tool if you accidentally let go of it.

A circular saw can easily cut through wood, metal, or masonry. There are many specifications to suit different job requirements, from portable handheld models for light work to heavyweight saws for professional applications and continuous use.

The recent favourite among customers is the mini circular saw, which is just one of various sizes of cordless circular saws. Because they are frequently referred to as Skill Saws, 18V circular saws are the most common. Still, they are also available in other voltages so that you can find the right one for your job.

Cordless Dust Extractors & Vacuums

A cordless dust extractor or vacuum is a machine that can be moved around without being connected to a power source. They are highly convenient, allowing you to go anywhere without being tethered to a wall outlet. They are also powerful machines capable of extracting fine particles from hard-to-reach areas.

The main difference between a cordless dust extractor and a regular vac is that the former does not require any kind of corded power supply to function. A regular vac requires outlets to plug into, whereas a cordless unit is self-contained and runs on battery power.

There are so many positive advantages to choosing a cordless dust extractor or vacuum. The first and most obvious one is the lack of a cord, which allows you to go anywhere in your house while using the machine. You won't have to worry about tripping over the cable or having it in your way, which can be very dangerous when using a powerful machine.

Another advantage is the machine's mobility, which comes from its lightweight design and powerful motors. You can easily transport it to and from a site or carry it around the house without getting tired and without sacrificing performance in any way.

Cordless units usually have rechargeable batteries and come with different charging options. You may be able to charge it via USB or AC outlets, depending on the model you choose. This makes them incredibly convenient to use as you don't have to worry about changing batteries frequently.


If you're using a manual tool on a regular basis, it makes sense to switch to a battery-powered one. They have the same capacity and torque as their electric counterparts and don't require any extension cords. Unlike gas-powered tools, they also don't make noise that can damage your hearing or disturb others.

These tools typically have lithium-ion batteries, which can hold a charge longer than older models. You also have more charging options, like wall outlets and USB ports. Just remember to understand the difference between cordless and cordless variable speed tools.

You don't want to accidentally purchase a model that doesn't have the power you need for a project.

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