How Power Tools Can Make Your Gardening Easier

Posted by Emily Lawrence on 16th Mar 2021

How Power Tools Can Make Your Gardening Easier

Now that we’re well into spring, and with summertime just around the corner, we’ll all soon be spending more of our time relaxing in the garden, weather permitting of course! While warmer weather is definitely is something to look forward to, there are gardening jobs to complete, and getting it ready in time for summer can be a drag, even with longer days to get everything done.

Getting your garden back in tip-top shape after a long cold winter spent neglecting chores in the garden can be a huge task to take on, but luckily here at AHC power tools, we have all of the garden tools you could need to take care of even the most overgrown of gardens.

No matter how untamed your garden is, we have professional garden tools that’ll have you taking care of any mess that spring cleaning throws your way. We’ll help you find the best gardening tools for your lawn, hedges and even your decking. With us, you’ll be barbecue ready in no time at all!

Get your grass in line with our Lawnmowers

Cutting the grass is a chore that nobody loves doing, but during the long spring and summer months, there’s always more work to do. Since we’re so busy mowing the lawn, why not invest in a great lawnmower that takes most of the work out of everyone’s least favourite summer chore. We have heaps of different options to choose from, so you can get the perfect lawnmower to suit your garden and get it looking perfect in no time at all!

Our Einhell self propelled petrol mower is a high-quality and efficient mower that packs a punch. Brilliant for getting through overgrown grass, this lawnmower is ideal for when you need to clear your garden quickly. This lawnmower features an ergonomic folding handle that lets you neatly fold it away during the colder months and the one-cylinder-four-stroke engine really gives you some extra power for stubborn grass.

When you’re dealing with a large space, cutting the grass can be a challenge. We’ve all awkwardly passed an unwieldy cord through to the garden, so why not cut out the need for any annoying cables and go for a cordless lawnmower? The Makita body only lawnmower lets you move around freely without the confines of wires.

A neat lawn is the foundation of any barbecue ready garden, and with restrictions set to lift in time for July, there’s no better time to get your garden in order. The right lawnmower makes all the difference when it comes to mowing your lawn perfectly, and we offer some of the best.

Getting in the details

Once you’ve made your lawn into a clear canvas, you can start getting into the nitty-gritty and really clearing up your garden into a space that’ll have everyone popping round for a drink in the garden. A brilliantly helpful addition to your grass cutting routine, a linetrimmer lets you get into all of the nooks and crannies around your garden, and make the most of your lawn. Our Makita cordless linetrimmer is ideal for keeping your lawn manicured!

If you have some pruning to do in your back garden and need a tool to make it easier, our Makita cordless pole saw is an absolute must-have. A firm favourite among landscaping professionals and home gardening enthusiasts alike, its two-metre pole length makes it easy to reach into branches or thick bushes.

Where heavy-duty jobs are considered, garden power tools are the only way to get the job done without taking up your whole day. If you’re spending the warm weather clearing away some space or taking on some tree-surgery, then a cordless chainsaw is a brilliantly handy way to bring lots of power, without the hassle of cords. The DCM565N DeWalt cordless chainsaw has a compact design that still brings a lot of strength to the table, so you get the best of both worlds!

Or if you need to quickly and easily clear debris from your garden, why not take a look at our selection of cordless leaf blowers? The Bosch GBL18V120 18V Cordless Blower is perfect for getting any bits and pieces off of your lawn without hours of work.

Using gardening tools that let you get around hard to reach spaces makes for a much cleaner lawn, and the difference might surprise you. If you want a clear lawn, these are the best gardening tools for the job.

Hands-on gardening

While power tools are undoubtedly the best way to take care of bigger projects in the garden, there are some jobs that need a more hands-on approach. If you want a garden that’s perfect down to the last detail, then our handheld gardening tools deserve a place in your shed.

Trimming hedges is a chore where the devils in the details, so it’s important to make sure that the end result doesn’t end up looking too rushed or sloppy. The Faithfull hedge and garden shears are great for getting a neat finish on your hedges. These shears feature easy-grip handles, so even if you’re working for a long time, you’ll still be ready to relax with a beer.

If you need a way to keep your plants looking nice and green, then a handheld pressure sprayer is just what you need. Watering cans are all well and good, but our Faithfull handheld pressure sprayer is a trusty companion around the garden and greenhouse.

Speaking of keeping plants watered, one of the most essential things you should stock your garden with in plenty of time for summer are some handy garden accessories. For keeping your plants looking lush and healthy, a good hose that you can easily access is a must-have. Our Hozelock freestanding compact hose reel is a great gift to your green thumb. They also come in handy for filling kiddie pools and are a lifesaver on hot summer days!

Get your patio decked out

Once you have your lawn mowed, the details all smoothed out, and all of your plants are well taken care of; it’s time to get the patio garden tools sorted out. What’s a summer without spending an evening or two relaxing out in the garden? Or if you’re looking forward to having the family round once restrictions are lifted, a clean and tidy patio is essential.

After a whole winter of not being used, spring can have your patios looking a little grubby and worse for wear. Luckily, our range of pressure washers is an amazing way to keep your patio and decking looking perfect, without all the time you’d usually spend with a soap and brush!

Our Karcher K 3 power control car and home pressure washer comes with a patio cleaner and detergent, so your back garden will be looking as good as new! We even have a range of different tr

Get Sorted for Summer

No matter what’s on your gardening tools list, here at AHC Powertools, we have everything you need to make your spring cleaning a breeze. Shop our gardening tools online and we’ll have your order dispatched within 24 hours, so you can get out in the great outdoors in no time.

Take a look at our gardening tools selection here!

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