Hack Your Spring Clean: Become a Pressure Washing Pro

25th Mar 2022

Hack Your Spring Clean: Become  a Pressure Washing Pro

Our Guide helps you Become a pressure washing Pro!

It's that time of year where the pressure washers come out and cleaning becomes fun again.  We'll guarantee you that satisfying clean (hint: the dirtier, the more satisfying) with these best uses for your pressure washer and tips to get the most out of them. 

Popular Uses:

1. Front Walkways/Stairs + Driveways

Probably one of the most popular uses for a pressure washer, but make quick work of it using the right nozzle!  Many pressure washers come with a few different nozzles to use, and washing your drive is the perfect time to experiment!  

2. Patios

It's just about time, get your patio BBQ ready in 2 min using a pressure washer. If you're looking for that extra sparkle, check out Karcher's shampoo that'll take out dirt, and protect from wind and weather!

3. Garage Floors + Doors

Yet another one where shampoo is a no brainer to keep the area cleaner longer!  If you already use your pressure washer to clean the garage, using a shampoo will take your clean to the next level.  

4. Decking

To get the best results here, be sure you're moving consistently.  If your pressure is too high or you're on a spot too long (basically don't get carried away), you'll chip away paint and stain as well.  The Karcher K3 is a great option as the vario power spray lance (that it already comes with) allows you to change the pressure easily for a variety of tasks.  

5. Home Exteriors

There are a few different home exterior types so be sure you know how to best wash your one!  If you aren't careful it's easy to get water underneath the siding so don't let the power get to your head (although we know it's too easy sometimes). 

6. Fences

Similarly to decking, cleaning a fence can be as easy as it is to strip the paint and stain off it, which might be alright if you're looking to re-stain or paint it! 

Uses That're Soon to be Your Go-To

7. Cars + Bikes

Maybe a no brainer to some since Karcher supplies a handy car shampoo, but cleaning your bikes and cars (on the right setting) is a quick way to refresh your car after winter.  

8. Outdoor Furniture

Basically (with the appropriate caution of course) point and shoot. To really get it glistening throw in some shampoo, the car shampoo is a great 3-in-1 option but they also have a wood cleaner for benches, or even playground equipment!

The most satisfying pressure wash...ahhh. : r/pics

9. Wheelie Bins

While you're at it, cleaning away, having too much fun, go ahead and wash the bins!  Get all that built up gunk and hardened bin juice out of the bottom of your bin with one quick jet of your washer.  

10. Mower + Garden Equipment

Depending on the equipment, an easy way to clean out gunk is to pressure wash it.  For example, cleaning the undercarriage of your mower, not only is it an easy way to clean, it can be safer too since you won't have to go reaching around near the blades.

11. Grills

Don't stand there scouring, pressure wash it!

12. Stripping Paint 

This handy trick makes stripping paint no bother, as long as it isn't lead paint (this should be done by a professional).  Using a pressure washer to strip paint gives you the control to do large areas evenly which you wouldn't normally get with a scraper.  Especially useful when stripping paint from uneven surfaces like decking!

13. Gutters + Soffits

Feel embarrassed by the look of your gutter when the yearly gutter cleaner stops by? This hacks for you! If you don't have someone that cleans them out for you this one's a twoffer.  Use your pressure washer to restore them to their former glory. 

14. Awning

Be sure to take them down first but using a pressure washer for your awnings and will have them looking fresh and new in no time.  

15. Hot Tubs + Pools

Get rid of that gunk the easy way, pressure wash it!

Removing tree bark gently and quickly — DYNAJET High-pressure cleaner

16. Debarking Logs for Firewood (If you're into that)

Although this might not be something you do, if it is, using a pressure washer to strip the bark off your logs will be a gamechanger.   If you're someone who'll get the most out of their pressure washer doing everything under the sun with it, we recommend the Karcher K5 or K7.  These top of the line Karchers won't disappoint with a variety of features including Bluetooth connectivity! 

5 pressure-washing videos that are oddly satisfying to watch

Ready to feel the power? Want your own satisfying before and after?  Check out our range of pressure washers and detergents and keep that spring feeling going! With the right accessories you can clean at least 16 things! Not sure which is the right choice for you?  Give us a call at 01259 238855 or email us at and one of our power tool experts will be happy to help you out.  

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