From Site to Summer BBQ

29th Apr 2022

From Site to Summer BBQ

Get the most out of your tools by bringing your work home! We've got a new type of seasonal tool at's a list of top tools perfect for summer on site AND at home as you're gearing up for BBQ season.

We can see it now, the weather warms up, you buy a nice new bbq ready to start hosting those summer parties... but then you realise... a grill isn't the only thing you'll need.  Not to worry, we've got multi-purpose tools you can take from the site to a summer bbq and get the most bang for your buck.  


Everyone knows music makes time pass quicker... if you don't have a site radio, now's the perfect time to check one out.  Especially the Makita DMR203 Bluetooth stereo, which can be hooked up to create a speaker set. Ideal for rigging up in the garden at the weekend! 

Makita DMR203 Radio

Or this Bosch Bluetooth Radio with a metal hook that you can easily hang up at the side, convenient for the garden and on site.

Bosch Bluetooth Site Radio


Another handy item to have on site, in the garden, or for that camping and fishing trip. (Treat your fish by keeping them in the Makita DCW Cooler Box).

This bad boy is the ultimate cross over tool - making site work, a bbq, or a camping trip that much more fun.  With its cooling and warming functions, an enclosed battery compartment for charging, and a bottle opener - you can easily use it daily!  

Makita DCW Cooler Box

Or if you don't want to make that kind of commitment (we get it, although well worth it, the Makita DCW can be considered a wee bit steep) .... the DeWalt T-Stak Cooler box is another handy option for storing drinks, lunches, or fish with it's commercial grade insulation offering 3 days of ice retention.

DeWalt T-stak mobile cooler box


We know the weather is just starting to turn, but preparation is key.  This Makita fan is convenient for multiple purposes as it's positioning can be adjusted from laying flat to being at 90 degrees blowing straight out. Just keep cool and pop in a battery!

Makita DCF Portable Fan


Lastly, or maybe first, you'll need to get the garden BBQ ready, and we've got just the tools for the job.  

Karcher K5 Pressure Washer

This Karcher K5 pressure washer is a powerful tool for cleaning a variety of surfaces from cars to decking with a variety of cleaners and pressures for every job.

Bosch Leaf Blower GBL

The Bosch GBL18V120 Leaf Blower is another convenient tool to have on hand with 4 extra nozzles depending on the usage.

DeWalt Oscillating Multi Tool

This DeWalt Oscillating Multi-tool is made for the multi-purpose tool life, it even comes with a carry bag for extra portability and easy storage! From sanding to scraping or cutting, this multi-tool will have your picnic table in tip top shape.

Makita DCL180 Vacuum Hoover

While this Makita Hoover might not look like much compared to your normal house hoover, it's ultra convenient and an ideal portable option for quick clean ups.  The DCL180 is highly manoeuvrable and includes various nozzles for different situations.

As you're getting summer ready, you can't go wrong adding these two-in-one, multi-purpose products to your kit on site and at home.  

As always, if you have any more questions or need help finding the right tool, please email or phone at 01259 238855 to speak to one of our power tool experts. 

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