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Stanley STA88557 FatMax Impact Torsion Bit Set in Multi-Stack Case (32 Piece)

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The Stanley STA88557 FatMax Impact Torsion Bit Set has precision-engineered bit heads to eliminate screw head rounding and wobble

The Stanley STA88557 is a 32 Piece Set of 25mm and 50mm Screwdriver Bits in a robust case compatible with the Stanley FatMax Pro-Stack Caddy. As well as being compatible with the main range of Pro-Stack storage, many sets also interlock. The Impact Torsion Bit set contains a variety of screwdriver bits suitable for Impact Drivers. It includes metric nut drivers, Phillips, Pozi, Torx, Hex and slotted screwdriver bits. Featuring: easy screwdriver bit removal and retention for user convenience, impact screwdriver bits with torsion zone for greater bit strength, complete with an impact torsion holder that increases the life of the 25mm screwdriver bits.


DURABLE - Robust cases designed to endure the rigours of daily use

PRECISION - Precision-engineered bit heads eliminate screw head rounding and wobble

EASY BIT REMOVAL - New style bit holders allow for easy bit removal

MODULAR DESIGN - Stack and lock sets together to keep everything in one place

HIGH PERFORMANCE FOR POWER TOOLS - A range of premium accessories ideal for use with power tools


Screwdriver 25mm Bits:

2x Pz1, 2x Pz2, 2x Pz3
1x Ph1, 2x Ph2, 1x Ph3

1x HEX4, 1x HEX5, 1x HEX6

1x SL4, 1x SL6, 1x SL8

1x T10, 1x T15, 1x T20, 1x T25, 1x T30, 1x T40

50mm Torsion Bits:

1x Torsion bit holder with magnetic ring
1x PZ1, 1x PZ2, 1x PZ3
1x T20, 1x T25, 1x T30  

Nut Drivers​:

 1 x 7mm, 1 x 8mm, 1 x 10mm

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Stanley STA88557 FatMax Impact Torsion Bit Set in Multi-Stack Case (32 Piece)

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