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Makita DMR115 10.8V / 18V CXT/LXT Bluetooth & DAB+ Digital Job Site Radio

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The Makita DMR115 is the radio you have all been waiting for. Makita have developed the DMR115 to include both Bluetooth and Digital DAB radio and be powered by their 12v and 18v batteries. With a dual power source by either AC adaptor or by Makita’s CXT or LXT Lithium-Ion batteries, that can be found in Makita’s cordless power tools range, this radio provides total convenience and cost efficiency.
The Makita DMR115 DAB DAB Plus Job Site Bluetooth Radio features the ability to power the radio with an AC adapter or Makita lithium batteries 18v LXT / 12v CXT /10.8v CXT. This radio is not compatible with G-Series Battery or Ni-CAD or Ni-MH Batteries
DAB plus is the current standard across much of Europe with the main advantage of being three times more efficient, carries far more radio stations than DAB, and at a far higher audio quality. DAB plus is also a much greener technology because the overall transmission power required is far lower.

This has a Band III frequency range of 87.5 – 108 Mhz and is equipped with Bluetooth Class 2 to wirelessly play music from a mobile phone, MP3 player or tablet with a range of up to 30 meters.
A neat, flat top surface provides stability for mobile devices and features a USB output port that allows mobile devices to be charged from the radio. An AUX-IN jack allows connection to personal audio players
It has two 3" 5W side firing stereo speakers which provide a rich and powerful sound. A high quality 25W subwoofer, located at the bottom, provides a powerful and deeper bass sound - this is the ultimate jobsite sound system.
The aerial has now been integrated to be part of the radio handle, so no more searching for this essential item.
The radio has had a all round updated design and sets itself apart from its predecessor the Makita DMR112.
Features a colour display.
Dust and shower proof construction.

The DMR115 is credited with an IP65 rating, meaning protection from total dust ingress as well as protection against water jets from any angle. The IP rating or ingress protection rating is an international standard that classifies the degrees of protection a product can withstand from solid objects like dust and water. The first digit indicates protection against solids and the second digit against liquids. 
Approximate Run Times:
1.5Ah (10.8v CXT): 5.5 Hours
1.5Ah (18v LXT): 5 Hours
2.0Ah (10.8v CXT): 7 Hours
2.0Ah (18v LXT): 6.5 Hours
3.0Ah (14.4v LXT): 8 Hours
3.0Ah (18v LXT): 9 Hours
4.0Ah (10.8v CXT): 14 Hours
4.0Ah (18v LXT): 13 Hours
5.0Ah (14.4v LXT): 15 Hours
5.0Ah (18v LXT): 16 Hours
6.0Ah (14.4v LXT): 16 Hours
6.0Ah (18v LXT): 20 Hours
Features at a glance:
High quality sound produced by 2 stereo speakers and subwoofer 
Subwoofer located on the bottom, providing deeper and richer bass sound
DAB plus digital radio and Bluetooth for audio streaming 
Highly durable design with high grade aluminium diecast guard with IP65 rating ideal for jobsite conditions 
USB port 2.4A for charging mobile devices 
FM antenna built-in to the handle design. Raising the handle will boost the signal.
Capable of receiving DAB radio and wirelessly play music from your mobile device with a maximum range of 30m
AUX-IN jack – can be used as a stereo speaker by connecting an external audio source via 3.5mm AUX cable
1x DMR115 Radio
1x AC Power Adapter
Bare unit - no battery or charger included.
Power Supply: AC Power Adaptor
Power Supply: 18v Battery LXT / 10.8v/12v MAX CXT (Excluding Makita 'G' Batteries)
Frequency: FM 87.5 - 108 Mhz
Frequency: DAB/DAB plus Band III 5A-13F
Speakers: 2 x 63.5mm (8) + 1 x 101mm (6) Subwoofer
Dimensions (LxWxH): 268 x 164 x 295 mm
Net Weight: 4.8 kg (Without Battery) 

EAN: 0088381886949
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Makita DMR115 10.8V / 18V CXT/LXT Bluetooth & DAB+ Digital Job Site Radio

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