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  • Barcode : 5055945202540
  • Manufacturer : Makita
  • Brand : Makita
  • Model : DC81RC, BL1830
  • Type : Batteries & Chargers

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BL1830 Details;

LXT Lithium-Ion battery and optimum charging system produces 280% total lifetime work with 2x more cycles

  • 5x Lower self-discharge keeps battery cells active and ready for use, even after long periods of storage
  • Charging at any time will have no effect on the battery
  • Built-in shock absorbing features protect the battery
  • Sixteen (16) firm holding contact terminals reduce the risk of power loss/fluctuation in high vibration work environments
  • Battery's built-in Memory Chip communicates with the charger to maximize battery life using 3 Active Controls (Current, Voltage & Thermal)

DC18RC Details;

New DC18RC replaces the current DC18RA, the benefits are a more compact design and much faster charge times, e.g. 22mins on BL1830 Battery Packs


  • The DC18RC has a cooling fan and Active 3 Controls
  • This means that during the loading of the charging voltage, charging current, and temperature is held in the holes
  • The cooling system blows cool air into the battery
  • As a result, high temperatures occur in the battery, so that the battery life is extended, and the charging process is accelerated
  • When used in conjunction with charging adapter ADP03 this charger offers also the possibility of charging Ni-MH slide on batteries of 9.6V to 24V batteries
  • or when used with charging adapter ADP04 this charger offers the possibility to charge Ni-Cd and Ni-MH rod and block batteries of 7.2V to 18V batteries

Compatible with the following battery models:

  • BL1830
  • BL1430
  • BL3626
  • BL3622
  • BL1415
  • BL1013
  • BL0710
  • Total Shipping Weight: 1kg

Supplied with;

  • 2 x BL1830 Makita Battery Packs
  • 1 x DC18RC Makita Fast Charger
All stock brand new UK CE from authorised dealer.


Barcode 5055945202540
Manufacturer Makita
Weight (in grams) 2150
Brand Makita
Model DC81RC, BL1830
Type Batteries & Chargers

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