Cordless Multi Tools


The Swiss army knife of the tool world, our cordless multi tools can help you to tackle any job onsite, or any home DIY projects you’re itching to take on. Any shaping and smoothing tasks are a piece of cake with a good multi tool. Thanks to the versatility of these incredibly handy tools, they’ve become a firm favourite in everyone's tool box. 

Thanks to the changeable accessories multi tools have to offer you can cut, saw and scrape a variety of construction materials including wood, metal, plastic and drywall. These tools are even delicate enough to take on tasks that require a little more finessing such as engraving and detail sanding. There’s really nothing a good multi tool can’t do. That’s why here at AHC Powertools we dispatch our cordless multi tools UK wide! We offer up a range of brands, so if you’ve been looking for DeWalt cordless multi tools, or want to browse, we have something for you.

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