Cordless Heat Guns


When it comes to speeding up drying jobs, every professional tradesperson knows that a cordless heat gun is a must have item for every tool box, unless of course you like watching paint dry! Cordless heat guns are ideal for speeding up the drying of surfaces such as walls and floors, or even smaller areas like furniture. Heat guns are also useful for heating up plastics and vinyls so that they can be easily moulded and reshaped.

Cordless heat guns can even remove the need for harsh chemicals by easily softening and stripping varnish from surfaces, so you can soften old paint with ease. Cordless heat guns even come with adjustable temperature and airflow settings, so you can adapt your heat gun to fit every task that comes your way. No matter the job, we dispatch our cordless heat guns UK wide within 24 hours of your order, so you can get to work.


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