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AHC Powertools are proud to supply some of the best Corded Routers available,

A corded router is a fixed-base router with a direct electrical connection to the power source.

It's different from a plunge router because the bit can't be depressed into the workpiece, and the user needs to remain stationary while using it.

This makes these routers particularly useful in applications where you need to be able to see what you're working on or when making edge treatments is essential.

You can get different features with different corded routers, so making sure you have all of the information necessary before making your purchase will allow you to make an informed choice.

What is a Corded Router?

A corded router is a tool that can be used for a wide range of different applications.

From simple edge treatments to cutting mortises in plywood panels, a corded router can be used in such a variety of different projects.

The main thing that differentiates a corded router from a cordless router is that the former has an electrical cord attached to it. This electrical cord is used to power the motor that spins the router bit.

The main advantages of using a corded router over a cordless router are that it will have more power and can be used in more applications.

A cordless router has a much smaller range, and it's primarily used for smaller tasks that don't require a lot of power.

Corded Router Uses

Corded routers are a great tool to have around the workshop.

They can be used for such a wide variety of different operations, including edge treatments, profiling, and cutting holes.

Edge treatments: A corded router can be used to make decorative edge treatments on a variety of different width pieces. Depending on the design, this can be done on both sides of a workpiece or just one.

Profiling: Using a corded Dewalt router with a bearing-guided bit will allow you to make grooves and other decorative features in your woodwork.

Cutting holes: A corded router can be used to cut holes in your woodwork. This is particularly useful when you are looking to make a hole for hanging something.

Corded Router Features to Look for When Purchasing (H2)

Power: The power of a corded router is measured in horsepower (HP). The higher the HP rating is, the more power the router will have. The amount of energy you will need will depend on the project you will be using it for.

Weight: The weight of a router is essential to consider because it will determine how long you can use it before getting fatigued. If you plan to use the router for long periods, you will want to go with a lighter one.

Control: There are a few different ways you can control a router. You can choose a router with variable speed control so that you can alter the router's speed as you work.

You can also select a corded router that has a push-handle design, so you will be able to control the router with one hand.

Is a Corded Router For You?

A corded router will provide you with more power than a cordless router, making it useful for various projects.

Corded routers are helpful for edge treatments and other decorative work, as well as for making holes in pieces of wood.

If you use the router for long periods or for heavier applications, you should definitely go with a corded router.

We are partnered with some of the most well-known power tool brands; Makita, DeWalt, Festool, Bosch, Paslode, and many others, so take a look at our amazing selection of Corded Routers.

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