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Bosch Starlock AIZ 32 APB BIM Wood+Metal C-Tec 1Pack (No packaging)

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Bosch BIM Plunge Cutting Multi-tool Blade AIZ 32 APB Wood and Metal 50 x 32 mm

The Starlock AIZ 32 APB blade guarantees exact flush and deep plunge cuts in wood, metal and plastics. It cuts precisely right from the start thanks to a rounded cutting edge called Curved-Tec. The blade's Starlock sturdy mounting system increases control for highly accurate cutting that transmits power directly and reduces wobbling. This versatile blade also cuts through very hard combined wooden and metal materials including non-hardened nails and screws, non-ferrous pipes and profiles with smaller dimensions. High wear and heat resistant teeth made from HSS-Steel (High Speed Steel) offer a long lifetime in non-ferrous (soft) metal and abrasive materials. The Starlock Snap-In mounting system allows fast blade removal and exchange within 3 seconds without having to touch the blade. The mounting system produces the highest power transfer thanks to a 3-dimensional tight-fitting connection between machine and accessory. It is suitable for use with all Starlock, Starlock Plus and Starlock Max power tools as well as common multi-tools.


Material: BIM

Width [mm]: 32

Immersion depth [mm]: 50

Applications: Wood|Coated plate Ferrous metals|Metal sheet

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Bosch Starlock AIZ 32 APB BIM Wood+Metal C-Tec 1Pack (No packaging)

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