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Bosch Professional SDS Plus Mixed Chisel Set 3pc - 2607019457

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Bosch SDS+ Plus Carbide Chisel Set - Unmatched Quality in 3 Pieces (2607019457)

When precision meets robustness, you get the Bosch SDS+ Plus Carbide Chisel Set. Bosch, the world's largest chisel manufacturer, introduces a trio of chisels that are essential for anyone serious about their masonry and demolition work. With a design optimized for maximum impact and durability, this set will take your work to the next level.

What's Included in Your Chisel Set?

  • SDS+ Plus Pointed Chisel (250 mm): Ideal for starting off demolition work with a bang.
  • SDS+ Plus Flat Chisel (20 x 250 mm): Features integrated breakout teeth geometry for increased efficiency.
  • SDS+ Plus Tile/Spade Chisel (40 x 250 mm): Engineered for exceptional performance in tile removal and other precision work.
  • Storage Solution: All three chisels come in a durable plastic storage tube, ensuring they're protected and ready when you are.

Premium Material for Endurance

Crafted from high-quality carbide metal, this set is built to withstand the most demanding applications in stone, masonry, concrete, and ceramics. The chisels' robust construction ensures longevity and relentless performance, making them a worthy investment for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Carbide Metal, known for its exceptional wear resistance and durability.
  • Applications: Designed for a variety of tasks, from delicate tile work to heavy-duty concrete demolition.
  • Tool Holder Compatibility: SDS-Plus, offering quick changes and a secure fit for enhanced work efficiency.
  • Part Number: 2607019457, for quick identification and ease of repurchase.

Why Choose Bosch Carbide Chisels?

With the Bosch name comes a promise of quality and reliability. The SDS+ Plus Carbide Chisel Set is a testament to the brand's commitment to delivering tools that professional tradespeople and diligent homeowners can trust.

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Bosch Professional SDS Plus Mixed Chisel Set 3pc - 2607019457

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