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Bosch Expert SelfCut Speed Spade Drill Bit 13/16/19/20/22/25 mm 6-pc

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Bosch Expert SelfCut Speed Spade Drill Bit Set 13/16/19/20/22/25 mm 6-pc

Up to 3x faster than a standard drill bit - Spade bits are a great accessory for electricians and other installation and buildings workers. What if they could be even faster and more efficient? With Bosch Tip Technology, they can. The Expert SelfCut Speed features the most advanced designs for spade bits, making it easy to use and highly practical for heavy professional users. Its Bosch patent threaded tip draws the spade bit into wood with only the lightest pressure from the user, which is especially helpful when drilling upside down or in tight niches. Its advanced paddle design ensures extra speed. Equally at home in softwoods, chipboard or particleboard, the Bosch Expert SelfCut Speed Spade Bit offers efficiency and convenience to tradesmen who need to drill through holes or blind holes for cabling, dowels and other hardware installations. Hex shank for maximum power transfer in standard three-jaw drills and hexagonal drill driver chucks.


Diameter mm: 13,0; 16,0; 19,0; 20,0; 22,0; 25,0

Set dimension(s) mm: 195,0 x 185,0 x 15

Set contents: 6

Applications: Softwood, Chipboard

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Bosch Expert SelfCut Speed Spade Drill Bit 13/16/19/20/22/25 mm 6-pc

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