Bosch 18v GBA ProCORE Battery 8.0Ah - 1600A016GK

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Bosch 18v GBA ProCORE Battery 8.0Ah with CoolPack 2.0 Technology 1600A016GK

ProCORE - A new dimension of power

The Bosch GBA 18v 8.0Ah ProCORE Battery 1600A016GK is the perfect balance between weight and power. 100% compatible with all new and existing Bosch Professional 18v power tools and chargers. This battery has 87% more power thanks to the latest cell technology and intelligent battery management, and 135% longer life with the COOLPACK 2.0 technology that prevents the battery from overheating.


  • Part of the ”Flexible Power System“ 18 volt range from Bosch. Use it immediately without having to worry about whether it is compatible
  • The ”Flexible Power System“ guarantees compatibility with all new and existing professional power tools and chargers within the same voltage class
  • High-performance: +87% more power and continuous high performance due to superior heat management COOLPACK 2.0
  • Long battery life thanks to CoolPack 2.0 technology
  • Constant power output even under full load
  • Power output similar to a wired device with 1,600 W for Bosch ProCORE optimised devices


  • Battery Capacity: 8.0 Ah
  • Battery Voltage: 18v
  • Cell Type: Li-Ion
  • Weight: 1.01 kg
  • Size (L x W x H):117 x 77 x 69 mm
  • Charging Time in GAL 18V-60 C (80/100%): 35/50 mins
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